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[Private and stuff maybe yeah]
Tony Stark, I wish to know what progress you have made on the weapons systems we discussed previously.

Edit: Ah, my apologies. Disregard this request.

................. I have recently secured employment at "The Raven" after a short discussion with a Miss Rayne. I shall be working in the kitchen. I am curious what data I can collect on culinary activities. Perhaps they will be of use to Shion upon my return home, particularly if she has neglected to eat due to some project or another, as she is prone to do.
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[Maintenance Report]
My data records show a gap in my memory regarding the events of the previous week. I will need to work to amend this data loss in order to maintain a proper record of the events that have transpired here.

I also seem to be collecting dust, despite my efforts to remain active. Self-maintenance is proving more difficult than preliminary calculations had anticipated.

I was not programmed with the ability to taste. However, I would strongly request that citizens refrain from attempting to lick me. I wish to avoid further injuries.

Shirou appeared to be cleaning himself excessively today as well. I shall then assume this is a curse, and as such will take care to use non-lethal force only.

[OOC: She tastes like blue raspberry, but the few NPCs who've come at her trying to lick her so far have been met with forceful resistance (She kicked their asses and did it with style). Feel free to try anyway~.]
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......................... This is quite inconvenient.

While such superficial moisture is unlikely to cause any damage to my internal systems, it is highly inconvenient. The feline designated Shirou refuses to approach me in my current state.

............ It seems that a wind has picked up as well.

Perhaps I should stand outside until this curse day has passed.

I require someone to properly feed the feline that is under my care. I will accompany you inside the Durandal for security reasons, of course.

[In the meanwhile, KOS-MOS is pretty much just standing outside of the Durandal with this expression, soaked all the way through, her hair getting flapped around by the winds spinning around her. It's nothing extreme, but drawn out, the effect may as well be waterboarding. Sure, she's a robot, but if she could sigh, she'd be doing it so hard right now.]


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